Anil Pratap chand
Message from the Manager

As a head of the institution, I do not hesitate to state that Shivpati P.G. College has set up the insurmountable standards on this part of India. The college aims upwardly for a wonderful future ahead by sticking firmly to our ethics. We aim to carve a unique niche in the world of education and we will not leave any stone unturned to achieve this end.

The latest thread that we thought of adding in this pursuit towards educational excellence was of a college website. No doubt our alumna that occupies the highest echelons of the society and those in the college as well as the College faculty is by now web savvy. Hence the inception of the thread and its subsequent conversion into a garland.

A website nowadays reflects in the most modern way any institution. Through this website an effort is made to project the image of college, a vibrant one at that. No doubt the college has a spirit, a tough one and a character too, which it has revealed all these years of trials and tribulations. It is an effort also to bring out the hidden talents in future and we hope to add so many things later on.

Let us vow to take the college to its zenith and let everybody forget the nadir. The past should be viewed and not reviewed. I strongly wish to overcome all the sticky curves in the progress of the college and make it a force to reckon with. I express my immense pleasure in holding this responsible treasure of heading this college in His disciple's name, and pray for the All Round Development of the College.

Shivpati P.G. College very much hopes to maintain its glory and wishes to be one-on-one with the latest in information technology. I am sure that the staff of the college shall extend their fullest cooperation for this noble cause. Together we can and together we shall make a difference, bearing the precept in mind all the time that the winner does not do different things; it does things differently. Let us set aside our selfish motives and become the torch bearers for this dilapidated world. Let us launch ourselves into the innovative world with all gusto. Let us seek His blessings for everything we do.

However, there may be some discrepancies which I own heartily. In future, I hope to overcome all the constraints and furnish a better outcome.